Color inspiration is always a challenge for footwear. At the end of the day, brands want basics and saleable; which includes black, a shade of brown that is understandable to consumers or on trend, and then a few pop colors.

I find creating a color palette can be helpful because it creates a mood for the season, and an opportunity to find color that inspires you.  Through this process, you never know what else you can find…a trend that fits your brand, a discovery of a color that other shoe brands are not doing, or perhaps create a print based on that color palette.

During my trip last week to New York, I stopped by the MoMA, to see the Henri Matisse exhibit. While waiting, I was able to check out the rest of the museum, and was amazed by their collection,  You will see the likes of Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Roy Lichenstein, Seurat, Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and many, many others.

I was inspired by the colors from these art pieces, and thought it would be fun to explore color opportunities for Spring 16. Here are a few color palette’s I created:


Picasso- I loved all the nude (sorry for pun) shades with the additional soft colors. Despite its very intricate and powerful painting, the colors are so subtle, yet sophisticated.


I was enamored my this Klimt piece. Such a beautiful artwork, and the colors are so vibrant! I like the idea of a metallic here, and even adding a moss green for a pop with the metallic. Thoughts?


Henri Matisse- one of my painters. I’ve always loved mixing black and blue. The pop of yellow and grey is a fun addition.


Picasso again. I feel there is so much inspiration here… a print, a bright color palette, and textures. So much to work with here.

How do you find color inspiration? Do you find in footwear it’s not necessary?

Photo Source: All photos taken by me at the MoMA.