Summer is here, and although I should be spending my evenings outdoors or weekends at the beach, I sometimes opt to stay in my air conditioned loft, watching a good fashion flick with a bowl of  ice cream, and snuggling with my ever so cute pup, London. If you’re feeling the heat is too much,  here are a few fashion flicks you may want consider putting on your  ‘watch list.’


Mademoiselle C is a documentary chronicling Carine Roitfeld’s launch of her magazine, CR Fashion Book. Carine Roitfield, formerly editor and chief of Vogue Paris, not only evokes Parisian Chic, but also has a very cool and edgy vibe to her. I found her to be witty and charming. I also loved watching her effortless style. Simple, but fashionable. It was inspiring to see her creative process and her enthusiasm to push the envelope in editorials.
Definitely worth watching on Netflix or even renting it on Itunes.


This is one inspiring lady. It’s amazing to see a woman with so much confidence, and I really enjoyed hearing her talk about her life as an editor for Bazaar.  You can find this on Netflix.


I recently saw the biopic of Yves Saint Laurent, and loved it! It was nice to see a Mr. Saint Laurent’s story as a movie. Karl Lagerfeld was in the storyline which was completely unexpected. It’s a compelling part of the story too! Of course, the fashion, and his story was excitingly depicted.  After the movie, my friend and I, googled YSL’s life because we had so many questions. Try to catch it in the movie theater if you can.


After seeing the YSL movie, I became more curious  YSL and his relationship with Pierre Bergé. So, I watched  L’amour Fou on Netflix.  It confirms parts of the biopic story line, and talks a lot about the art they collected, and the auction held at Christie’s. It was slow at times.  All in all, it’s a good documentary.

Have a happy summer, and would love to hear your thoughts on these movies.