Every year I try to create a holiday card of some sort. It’s a fun creative process for me, and it’s great to reach out to family, clients, and friends with what I love most…shoes! This year, I had some time to work on a Thanksgiving greeting card, and had a lot of fun creating this piece. Once I got going, it turned into a big project, but that’s how I roll. I like to give my best in everything I do. Check out my process below of how the card got started!


Before sketching, I begin to research ideas. I create a mood board of what inspires me, and then start to sketch. My thought process was to keep the heart of what thanksgiving is about but bring it to life thru shoes.


Once I gathered all my ideas, I came up with a layout. I was sure a cornucopia would be in the drawing, but I was not certain yet how the shoes would turn out. I did envision the pilgrim shoe.


Since I had an idea for the pilgrim shoes, I sketched those out first.


The Indian shoe was a little more challenging. I did sketch a lot more, but I did not follow my own advice as my recent blog post on the FIDM blog said I should do, which is work as I am working on my portfolio. I got a little crazy throwing papers out, and trashed a few of the sketches. Note to self, save all your work!!! It’s better when you show your entire ideation in your portfolio. Sorry for the tangent!


Voilà, the final card! I did change the bow on the pilgrim shoe later on. I thought it would be more dramatic in black. I worked out the cornucopia more, and the Indian shoe did stay as the rendering shown above, but I did render that out for a while, so I worked it thru quite a bit!

Stay tuned in a few weeks for my Christmas card!

Have a nice week! Cheers!