A few days ago I was going thru my daily my blog roll, and a blog I follow called the After Dark wrote a post here that sparked some serious espadrille feelings. Her point, buy the originals, something more price sensitive,  and if at all possible the ones at a coastal town in the Mediterranean. I have to say I am with her..kind of, sort of…ugh!

Flying to Spain may seem like a ridiculous option. Will you seriously plan a trip for some espadrilles? The ticket alone will be  more than those alluring Chanel espadrilles.  Realistically this may not be an option. However, do you think spending several hundred dollars on a pair of  espadrilles is a smart choice? I lived in Spain for a few years, and you can get a pair for about 20-80 euros. Additionally, I know what’s involved in the process in making these shoes, so spending a lot on a simple design seems outrageous. However, I wont deny I ‘m tempted. My conscious does get the best of me (in a good way).

What do you think? Are those covetable frayed C’s or these Valentino beauties worth its high ticket price? Or would you go for a more affordable option like Soludos?

Do tell!