The beginning process of designing shoes does not always look so pretty. A lot of the time your under the gun to produce. A customer wants a new design,  so a designer is briefed to design shoes within a day at times. You make the best of it, and just start to do some light research for inspiration and draw. Depending on the time constraint, and who I am showing my sketches to, I usually draw tons and tons of thumbnails to work out ideas. Some of the ideas are okay and some are great. It’s all a process, and working them out thru sketching is the fun part.  If I am showing the sketches to another designer, or a creative who understands sketches then I will not re-draw, and just show a messy little sketch. If I am showing it to a non creative, I definitely will draw it out nicely once I decide on a few strong designs to show.  Here is an example of some thumbnail sketches. There are many more than these but I thought I would show the gerneral idea. Please note I took out the one the client selected…since they are for Fall 2011….perhaps I will show the final shoe that made it to market. Cheers!

I was working on a Platform sandal idea. The brief was to create strappy concept. The platform was a one unit construction. The empty spot on the right hand corner is the sketch the client selected. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to show you soon the final product!

Clogs are hot right now and everyone wants part of the action. Here we have a wooden platform construction. The idea was to create an open toe slide pattern with hardware. Since this is a fall pattern, I thought it would be better to have a more choked up design (not so opened up) that is still open toe, and possible back straps to close it up. Here are just some thumbnails showing what I drew up. The star is the one they chose which I can’t show you, yet!