As a creative, I’m always in search of new and original content, and ways to be inspired.

A few years ago, a very talented colleague, started her journey as a trend forecaster for WGSN in London.  A few years later she branched out on her own, and started Trend Atelier.

Trend Atelier’s forecasting, is not your typical runway analysis, and global trade show analysis. She provides trends with a macro focus, and her research is very unique and conceptual. Something I feel that designers should tap into. As a designer, it’s my job to do my own trend analysis. Seeing it on a trend forecasting website is more a confirmation for me. I love that Trend Atelier gives a broad focus and allows you as a designer, to be inspired, and create your own ideas.

Here is a link if you’d like to sign up for her webinar. It’s this Wednesday and Thursday.

Also stay tuned soon for my profile on Geraldine Wharry and what inspires her as a trend forecaster.