Last week I had lunch with a colleague, and that means lots of shop talk. One of our shoe topics included trends that are hot at the moment, one being…slip on’s . Actually I was corrected by him…” You mean twin gore?” “Ahhh yes, the twin gore,” I said without trying to break out in a maniacal laugh.  I haven’t heard that term in about 14 years. I guess that is what the old shoe dogs are still calling it. So, let’s talk about this twin gore.

We all know it’s a trend right now, and it’s on fire! Every shoe brand has made their own version. You can get it at every price point, color, and print.  BUT, are they really the same shoe?

Being a shoe designer has cursed me. I can’t look at shoes the same way. I notice every sock lining, last, upper material, stitching, insole…you name it.  This curse has been a damper on my wallet because buying an inexpensive shoe is not in my mindset. I go for the shoe that fits the best, has an amazing toe shape, the lining feels buttery, and of course, has an overall unique look.

After the twin gore comment, I told my shoe friend I was out to do some research on this slip on trend and find the best one for the money. I wasn’t convinced the Céline version, which I love, is the right purchase to make considering it’s nearly $800. After buying the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge for $700, I have a lot of trepidations to spend that much on a sneaker. So off I went to research.

At my research shopping excursion, I tried on Céline, Givenchy, Vince, Steve Madden, Opening Ceremony, Vans, Rag & Bone,  and several others. I concluded that the Céline is still my favorite. It has a fabulous toe shape, amazing prints, and leathers, the lining is so smooth and soft.


Second, is Vans. They are the originators of this shoe. Although, the canvas or leathers are not as soft as the Céline or higher end brands. For $50, it’s pretty damn good. I wish they had more fashion forward prints, but for the price point I opt for the Vans, and I’m sure I can find a great print, or just go with a leather!

It’s disappointing that the high end brands are selling their slip ons for nearly $800.Perhaps the higher price point makes them even more covetable.  I guess I will have to wait til they go on sale, or stick to the OG…Vans.

Are you willing to pay a high price for a sneaker?

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