The past few weeks, I nurtured my love for design and fashion by seeing some very cool movies.

This month the September Issue, a documentary about Anna Wintour of Vogue, and the autobiography of Coco before Chanel (Coco avant Chanel) came out this past September and I was very inspired and grateful to be part of the fashion world. Although, it may have it’s downside at times, it is still an industry that I love for it’s constant change and creativity.

I did enjoy the September Issue but would have liked to know more about Anna Wintour but perhaps that is what the point of the documentary was…you can’t really know Anna Wintour??? Although, her counterpart Grace is a stylist genius. I now look at the photo shoots in Vogue Magazine in a different light.

The story of Coco before Chanel is an amazing story of a woman who did her own thing regardless of what the norm was in the 1900’s and because of her non-conforming ways she became one of the most notable designers of our time, and still is today. I highly recommend this movie.

As a woman and a designer, it was very inspirational to see two women become the biggest icons in the world, and no I am not a feminist. I think it’s cool that these women had aspirations and dreams and went after them!!!

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The September Issue

Coco avant Chanel

Coco avant Chanel