Been working on illustrations and watercolor paintings these days. Have had a few commissions, and am excited to be adding Illustrator to my list of creative jobs. I have so much fun drawing, and painting. I love being able to incorporate my passion for shoes into my artwork as well. I was going to a meeting, and started to lay out my “stuff” to work, and as I was gathering, I realized how beautiful, and lucky I am to have this job. I started to paint my “stuff” that evening, and voila, here we are!!

New macbook pro, Moleskin sketchbook, I can’t live without marker paper, prisma pencils, microns ( I actually have this illustration pen out of japan that I can’t live with out), ruler ( just got this on my birthday by Hays, and it makes designing so much more fun) , a last, and well of course some good music to create!


All drawings are done in watercolor by me.