Last week, I had the opportunity to work on a project that was not about shoes. My sister, Cindy Arora, has a novel launching this summer, called Heartbreak Cake, and she was in need of freshening up her blog/website. We collaborated on a website banner that fit her style. I know my sister well, and she is all about vintage, boho, food, and all around just being cute. With some directional ideas from her, we created illustrated icons that fit with the theme of her blog:  Eat, Write, and Love It’s always  nicer to create original concepts for your website as it gives it a more personal touch.

Here is my process…


Originally, this is what the site had. These icons are  clip art. It’s cute, but a little cookie cutter.


For Eat, Cindy liked the idea of using cutlery. She loves vintage, and I wanted to give the spoons a bit of a worn feel when I was watercoloring the drawing . Since they were being shrunken down to smaller size, it’s hard to make the artwork too intricate. The drawings lose their detail when it gets reduced, so I had to be careful with how much detail  I put into it.


For Write, initially, the artwork had a typewriter, and although its cute and retro, let’s face it no one is using a typewriter anymore. I preferred giving it a modern take, and went with a laptop. I only had a day to work on all the drawings, so I drew a few angles, and watercolored them with various shades of blue to see which one fit best for the site.


For Love, I knew that I wanted the heart to be a little darker and not have a predictable heart shape. I played with different heart shapes and sizes.

And voila! The final….


I would highly check out the website if you love food, baking, cupcakes, chick lit books, or you’re a mom wanting to connect with other mom’s!



The website/blog was designed by Sadie Olive.