A little over a week ago, I found out, thru some colleagues, that my website and blog had some problems. Don’t really want to get into the boring, and stressful details around it, but it’s being worked on at the moment. You will see some links missing on NALINIARORA.COM  and there are definitely some funky things missing on this blog page. Hopefully it will be cleared up this week.

Working for yourself does not necessarily mean just sketching, drawing, and doing fun work. Sometimes things happen, mistakes are made, or challenges you least expect arise. I am learning to roll with it (still not easy). It’s not fun, but it’s part of being a business owner. I have learned A LOT around websites. My entire website experience over the last few years has been awful! I think I am getting closer to understanding the process, and am learning about what’s important to me as a business owner.

I am trying to post now that it looks like things are almost up and running. Stop by the blog soon as I have some cool stuff on the way! Have a nice week!

Image: Pinterest