In todays world of mass production, finding unique fashion pieces that others don’t have access to, is like discovering a treasure chest. Vintage shopping, one of my favorite hobbies in the world, is one of the methods I use to find and add pieces to my fashion collection. It’s a process I love and a thrill I might add.

For me, the thrill comes from finding a piece only I own, and reveling in the possibilities of its history.  The thought that I’m enjoying wardrobe a girl from the 60’s might have worn to an important social affair, or a 70’s platform that maybe traveled to New York  to dance the night away  at the famed Studio 54, makes “Vintage” a fun and unique experience!

I also love vintage shopping as a form of inspiration for my new designs. Finding a great floral print, a not so basic plaid, or an interesting hardware piece on a belt, are examples that make vintage shopping worthwhile and fulfilling!

Last week, in my never ending quest for new Vintage hunting grounds, I headed to downtown LA for an amazing experience at Shareen Vintage. Their comfortable industrial loft space is stocked with amazing finds, all categorized by year and silhouette, making it an easy and pleasant discovery experience.  You can’t stop yourself from thoroughly going thru every rack so you don’t miss a thing (nearly an impossible task due to the volume of goodies available). An experience I recommend next time you’re downtown.

I discovered a few fantastic pieces which I wanted to share with you, but time is short and much work to be done. So I quickly sketched some images to give you an idea of a skirt that I found to wear and a shoe design with inspiration from an amazing little vest that had these cute little brass closures.  I fell in love with the skirt because of the free flowing silk fabric with the bold girly design at the bottom, and a fit that is perfect! The vest was inspiring from the moment I saw it on the rack. It was an amazing little vest that had these cute  brass closures. I had been thinking about the little brass hardware pieces all week. The combination of the two inspired me to design a shoe to compliment the skirt and thought I would find a way to work the hardware into the shoe design and illustration.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture  of the vest  but I think the drawing of the shoe gives you an idea of what kind of closure I am thinking about.  The hardware on the shoe is in rose gold because right now I’m going through a rose gold jewelry phase. So I thought it would be cool to do the heel and the hardware in Rose gold.  The skirt also has some gold around the stripes which would be a great compliment to the shoe giving the heel a nice pop. Check it out!

Vintage skirt I found at Shareen’s. Just love it!

A closer view of the sketch. The hardware piece idea came from a vintage vest from Shareen’s. I love the idea of having a Rose Gold metal heel and Rose gold upper hardware.