Sometime last year, I wrote a blog post that I was going to be writing again on the blog. I wrote how excited I was to come back to the digital world of writing, and sharing. Here we are April 4, 2017, and I’ve written just a few posts. My web designer recently asked me to shut down the site since I’m not blogging. When he said that, I immediately said, “No way!” It got me thinking, and honestly, I really do love having a platform where I can share my design thoughts, experiences, etc. So here I am back again.

What I’ve been up to…I can happily say I’ve been super busy designing shoes. I’ve been working on some pretty amazing projects with various brands. I’ve traveled immensely, bought a home, and have spent most of my spare time renovating my loft. I’m still not finished, and it’s highly addictive. I’m wrapping up phase one, and will probably re-start again at the end of the year.

My goal was to make a beautiful work space. I love Downtown Los Angeles, and have always wanted to own a loft. I finally found a beautiful space, and after living in my space for 9 months, it was time to make some drastic changes, and boy did that happen! I have an amazing view, and the space is a great place to work, and live.

I’m a perfectionist, and so I’m still working on a few details that I hope to have complete by end of April, and I will share what I’ve completed by then.

Another reason why I’ve been driven to make my space inspiring is because I have this itch to paint, and draw more on a creative basis, not just for work. As you’ve seen I love doing fun, creative, over the top shoe illustrations. I’ve been pushing myself more, and more and really want to tap into the artist in me.

Regarding my shoe posts, I’ve felt a little disheartened lately regarding shoes. Sometimes when you’re working with commercial brands, it starts to take away the creative element of design, it becomes about chasing the next trend, or finding that “hot ” shoe to make millions on. Yes, it’s business, and I get it. There is also some excitement to being able to deliver that hot shoe to a client. However, after a while all shoes start to look alike (seriously…they really are). It was a phase I went thru, and I didn’t feel it was helping me as a designer. It’s not a healthy place to be in, and so luckily, I started working on a project where the shoes reflect me as a designer, and a person. This project has been a blessing in bringing me more creativity, and am looking forward to sharing my inspiration which I feel has evolved so much over the last few years. So, don’t be surprised to see other posts that are not shoe related. No matter what, I will always be “LA Shoegirl.”


Above images: my office space, illustration by me.