When I was a little girl, I loved shoes, my life hasn’t changed much. I used to love wearing glitter shoes, patent shoes (especially my red ballerinas that I used to wear hot pink socks with), and  I loved bows. I wanted bows on everything, my hair, my clothes, and my shoes. I even learned how to tie them perfectly or as best as an eight year old could.

For some reason, I was inspired to sketch some shoes with bows this week. Perhaps subliminally it was inspired by listening to my 80’s favorite Pet Shop Boys and today’s 80’s influenced band the M83’s.

I couldn’t see the bows placed directly on the vamp so I played with placements on the side. I also liked the idea of mixing tough with soft. I prefer more rounded or squared lasts than the pointed or pointier lasts. I also liked the idea of adding a platform. Since summer is coming up, I also thought it would be great to have more openness and cut out the sides slightly.  Lately I have been wearing my jeans folded. I have no idea why. I want to wear all my jeans rolled up whether it be skinny, straight leg, or even a tattered up jean that I should embarrassingly give away to Goodwill but just can’t live without. You name it, I have rolled it up. So, I added the jean fold with the sexy platforms giving it an edgy  look. I have an array of sketches if you wan to see more but here are a few for now.