Spring is here, and it’s time to think about what additions will be taking place this season. Of course, quite a few Isabel Marant designs. I had to exclude one because seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. Here are a few that I am coveting for Spring. It was fun to illustrate them instead of pasting a picture here.


I love my black Isabel Marant sneakers I bought last year from Satine Boutique. I wear them like CRAZY!  I actually have to force myself not to wear them so I don’t wear them out too much. LOL! I saw the white ones, and seriously need them in my closet. Am I being a little greedy??


I know these McCartney’s are a little on the basic side, but I love the last, and the wedge makes them perfect to walk in. I hope they are comfy! Isabel-marant-2

These have been weighing heavy on my mind. Seriously, need to add these asap. Not sure which color though!


I fell in love with these Ackermann when I saw them on netaporter.com. They have a tough girl, edgy feel, and that is sooo me! At that price tag, not sure if I will be purchasing these anytime soon!

There are many others I want, but thought I would share these for now. A lot of people ask me if I wear my own designs, and I have, but sometimes as a designer, your not designing things for you, but for the targeted customer, and sometimes that’s not you.

What are you coveting this Spring??

All drawings by me.