These past few weeks, I’ve been having a not so easy time sleeping. So, of course, my sleepless nights cause me to peruse the “net” for things that inspire me. ( I guess I’m a fashion and social media addict) This morning at around 5 a.m. my tired face couldn’t help but make a grin to this cute little clutch posted by Mytheresaprgirl on Instagram.

My immediate thoughts were Charlotte Olympia brought the kitten shoe, Givenchy brought Bambi, Alison Lou brought emoji jewelery, Moschino brought his clever McDonalds collection last fall, and now we have designers tapping into cereal boxes?  For resort, Moschino is back with a vengeance with a Coco Cola collection (check out the shoes above). Have we approached a food kitch trend, or as one of my shoe designer friends cleverly put it…Yum chic!

Whatever it is,  it brings back childhood memories, a playfulness, and let’s not take fashion so seriously approach. It’s nautral for design to look to the past for inspiration. I’m quite excited to see what lies ahead, but most importantly it inspires me to tap into products or experiences that made me happy in the past, and/or even future, and bring them into my design. Who knows maybe I’ll share some thing here??

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